The History Of Body Art

How long has body art been around? It is hard to say how long body art has been around, but I have this sneaky suspicion that body art such as tattoos have been around as long as mankind has been around. Not all tattoos look great and I do think that there are some London escorts who have gone a little bit over the top as far as body art is concerned. But then again, there are some London escorts who have got it just right. They are living proof that body art can look sexy.

London Escort On Tattoos

Do all London escorts have tattoos? Of course not. It would be a lot like saying that all cheap escorts like to wear eye shadow. All escorts in London have their own individual style and far from all London escorts have tattoos. However, that being said, there are some escorts who are really into decorating their bodies. Thanks to modern beauty treatments, there are many ways in which you can decorate your body in a permanent way or in a none permanent way.

Non-Permanent Body Art

If you don’t want to turn your body into an artwork on a permanent basis, there are other means that you can use. I like to surprise my London escorts clients and I have to admit that every so often I do decorate my body. First of all I make sure that my spray tan is always up to date. You may not think of a spray tan as a body decor, but it certainly is in my opinion. I think almost all London escorts like to wear a spray tan to make sure they look good. Transfers are a great way to decorate your body on a non-permanent basis. You could also try Henna tattoos but do make sure that you go to a fully qualified Henna artist.

When Is Piercing Right?

Unless you have a fetish about piercings, I think that you should be careful. It is not the safest way of decorating your body as it can lead to infections. I have my belly button pierced and so do many other London escorts that I know. I think that it looks kind of sexy with a stone or crystal in your belly button. Should you go over the top. Well, I would perhaps consider having my nose pierced but I would certainly not take it any further than that. Piercing your tongue is a risky business and I know girls who have had problems.

We are becoming more and more interested in body art. Many London escorts who are into body art see it as a form of self-expression and I guess that it is one way. I think that body art can look really sexy when it is tastefully done. But, not all body art is done in a nice way. If you are thinking about having body art done, it is a good idea to weigh up the cons and pros of permanent and non-permanent body art. Before you go ahead, you should ask yourself which one is right for you.

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